Hop to Signaroo ® offers Seattle’s longest-established, most popular and only award-winning, American Sign Language classes for hearing parents and babies. More than 5,300 Seattle-area parents and educators and 2,600+ babies have graduated from our classes since Fall 2000!

Hop to Signaroo ® is once again offering most of our in-person class options and serving the Greater Seattle and Eastside areas! We’re also continuing to offer our same fun, hands-on curriculum with virtual lessons for families in the U.S. and Canada.

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Using American Sign Language vocabulary with your hearing baby or toddler can:

  • Take the “guesswork” out of parenting
  • Meet your little one’s specific needs months before speech is possible
  • Strengthen your parent-child bond
  • Enhance your child’s brain, motor and language development
  • Foster positive communication at home and in childcare
  • Aid communication and understanding for bilingual children
Hop to Signaroo’s ® rave reviews
Learn from the best!

Of course you want the best for your baby, so learn from the best. Hop to Signaroo ® founder, Nancy Hanauer, has a B.S. in Education and 30 years of signing, teaching and curriculum design experience.

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