“My Hop to Signaroo ® classes have been an absolute joy and the highlight of my career as a teacher! I’ve been thrilled with the response I’ve received to my classes, presentations and materials. It’s been so gratifying to work with parents and babies and empower them with a skill that will strengthen their bond, promote early communication and reduce their frustration. I hope to meet you and your little one in a class soon.”

Nancy Hanauer
Hop to Signaroo Founder

Nancy Hanauer


Nancy Hanauer founded Hop to Signaroo ® in Fall of 2000. A credentialed teacher, Nancy has 30 years of professional teaching and American Sign Language experience. She's been called Seattle's baby sign language expert and a "baby whisperer". Nancy has taught more than 5,300 Seattle-area parents, grandparents and educators and 2,600+ babies in her award-winning and engaging classes!

With her solid understanding of American Sign Language, typical language acquisition, the developmental stages of babies and the needs of new parents, Nancy is dedicated to helping you and your baby communicate with more ease to greatly reduce frustration and take the guesswork out of parenting. Currently all Hop to Signaroo ® classes are taught solely by Nancy, so rest assured you will be learning from a degreed and certificated teacher with vast experience and knowledge in this field of study!

Maybe teaching baby sign language classes was Nancy’s destiny from the beginning, as it sure looks like she’s signing “milk” in her baby photo!

Nancy’s professional accomplishments

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