As a participant in a Hop to Signaroo class you will learn…

  • In a comfortable manner, in your home or in a local learning center, from an highly-qualified and patient teacher fluent in American Sign Language.
  • Baby and toddler-relevant signs to help reduce your little one’s frustration and aid early communication.
  • From an original curriculum developed and copyrighted by a credentialed teacher with a B.S. in Education, more than twenty years of teaching and signing experience, and training in curriculum and child development. You will not be learning from a curriculum purchased as part of a multi-level marketing business approach, as is the case with many baby sign language classes.
  • Memory aids for individual signs to help you retain and recall the signs in an easy and logical manner.
  • Signs which focus your family’s daily routine incorporating comfort and safety signs, baby-relevant foods, manners, animals and daily necessities!
  • With easy-to-use class materials including our very own Roo-minder Ring Instruction and Reminder Cards ™ and a comprehensive class packet.
  • Which signs are best to start with to reduce stress for the whole family and empower your baby. Lessons include weekly reviews and feedback sessions with helpful hints and suggestions to make signing a successful endeavor for your entire family.
  • More than just American Sign Language vocabulary. Our lessons also include information about overall language development of hearing babies and our curriculum was created by a full-time, educational professional who has taught infants through teens.
  • How to encourage grandparents, siblings and caregivers to join in to make signing as beneficial as possible.
  • Through hands-on practice in an interactive and light-hearted class that you and your baby will enjoy! Babies are welcome or optional in class.
  • To incorporate sign language into your typical routine in a natural and simple manner; as well as through songs, stories and games. You’ll leave with lots of ideas and resources to keep you signing throughout your typical daily routine.
  • To effectively meet your baby’s needs with a mode of communication that is easy and natural for babies and their families and helps to create a unique bond between you and your little ‘roo!
baby in bonnet

“Nancy provided humorous and memorable anecdotal information to help participants remember signs. She made learning the signs easy. The information taught in class met and exceeded my expectations.”

Lisa Hagar - Seattle, WA

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