Signs of Intelligence

By Jenna Land Published in the January/February 2003 issue of Seattle Magazine. Once Dr. Spock had all the answers a parent could want, and indeed his 1946 classic Baby and Child Care is still a perennial seller. But we’ve progressed a good deal since 1946, and today a… Keep Reading >

Your Baby is Trying to Tell You Something

By Judy Guitton Published in the March 28th, 2002 edition of the Edmonds Beacon Newspaper The problem: The baby is crying, wailing and whining, won’t sleep, won’t stop. Her weary parents are wondering, “What? Is she teething? Tired? Hungry? Wet? What does she WANT?” The solution:… Keep Reading >

Teaching Little Minds to Sign, not Whine

By Rebecca Jarrard Published in the July 2nd, 2002 edition of the Edmonds Journal, Lynnwood Journal, Northgate Journal, North Seattle Journal, Shoreline Journal, South Everett Journal, and University Journal How many times have you looked into the dreamy depths of a baby’s eyes and wondered, “What is he… Keep Reading >

Little Communicators

By Lexie Tigre and Michele Johansen Published in the March/April 2013 edition of 425 Magazine Any parent will tell you that one of the most frustrating aspects of raising children is when you can’t understand what your child wants. Infants and toddlers can throw epic tantrums… Keep Reading >

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