Hop to Signaroo ® can come to you! Learn in a setting that’s convenient and comfortable for you and your baby and fits your schedule. Organize this series with your friends, family or parenting group.

In-Home Group Series

What you'll learn
  • Learn 100+ baby and toddler-relevant, American Sign Language signs for Comfort, Safety, Mealtime, Family Members, Daily Items, Manners and Animals, and techniques for signing success, in our award winning classes.
  • You’ll learn through fun, hands-on practice with games, stories and songs.
Tuition and class materials
  • Tuition is $225 per family. Enrollment allows for one or both parents of the same baby, or one parent and a grandparent.
  • Babies are welcome or optional at class and no extra charge for twins or triplets!
  • Materials include our award-winning Safety and Comfort Roo-minder Ring Instruction and Reminder Cards™ and a comprehensive class packet with ASL resources, professional photographs, descriptions and memory aids for 80 additional signs. Learn more about our methods and materials here
Scheduling options
  • This four-hour series can meet for an hour each week or for two sessions of two hours.
  • There’s a four family minimum for classes in the immediate Seattle area and outlying areas may require a larger class minimum.
  • Morning, afternoon, evening and weekend time slots are available and scheduled at a time that works well for your group.
  • If all classes are held in the same home, the host receives a cute, ASL boardbook from the Sign About series as a thank you gift. If eight or more families participate, the host will receive four Sign About boardbooks or, if the series rotates between homes, we’ll do a class drawing for the four books.
  • Your teacher and Hop to Signaroo ® founder, Nancy, has been vaccinated against Covid with regular boosters and has been extremely Covid-cautious the last four years.
  • Gift certificates are available – give the gift of early communication and reduced frustration!

“Being in our home was very beneficial. Thank you! Class was fun and useful.”

Jeff and Vicky Pettiross - Seattle, WA
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