Hop to Signaroo ® also offers our award-winning curriculum with one-on-one sessions in the comfort and convenience of your home and scheduled to fit your needs.

In-Home One-on-One Lessons

What you'll learn
  • Do you want to learn the basics, schedule our full four-hour curriculum, add more signs to your current repertoire, or focus on story and music-oriented activities to learn the signs that are most relevant to your family? One-on-one sessions can meet your specific needs! 
  • You’ll learn through fun, hands-on practice with games, stories and songs focused on baby and toddler-relevant, American Sign Language vocabulary and techniques for signing success.
Tuition and class content
  • Tuition is $225 per hour and enrollment allows for up to two parents and two grandparents of the same baby.
  • Standard mileage rates apply for sessions more than ten miles outside of the North Seattle area. 
  • Session One: The 26 most important Safety and Comfort Signs, as well as the foundational aspects of signing and the “how-to” techniques for signing success throughout the course of your daily routine
  • Session Two: Baby and Toddler-Relevant Mealtime Signs and Manners
  • Session Three: Animal Signs
  • Session Four: Signs for Daily Items, Family Members and a thorough review of everything learned in the previous sessions
  •  Learn more about our methods and materials here.
Scheduling options
  • Sessions can be scheduled in one or two-hour increments.
  • Morning, afternoon, evening and weekend timeslots are available for our award-winning classes. Contact us to book sessions that fit your family’s needs and schedule. 
  • Babies are welcome or optional and no extra charge for twins or triplets!
  • Your teacher and Hop to Signaroo ® founder, Nancy, has been vaccinated against Covid with regular boosters and has been extremely Covid-cautious the last four years.
  • Gift certificates are available – give the gift of early communication and reduced frustration!

"I just wanted to follow up with you to say again how much we enjoyed your classes. In the last couple weeks, Lucy’s signing has exploded. She now has ten signs which she uses regularly – NURSE, MORE, BOOK, EAT, CAT, DOG, MOMMY, DADDY, HELP and SLEEP. It is really amazing to see a ten month old communicate like that. She also has two spoken words - HI and THIS. I do think the signing encourages her to speak. Thanks for everything!"

Amy and Rich Green - Seattle, WA
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