Hop to Signaroo ® is offering one-on-one, video conferencing classes for individual families with tuition reduced from our in-person, one-on-one lessons. Sessions are available in one or two-hour increments. These video conferencing lessons are the same as our engaging, award-winning, in-person classes. You’ll learn through hands-on practice with fun games, stories and songs with our curriculum focused on baby and toddler-relevant, American Sign Language vocabulary and techniques for signing success.

Virtual One-on-One Lessons

What you'll learn

Now more than ever, having the tools to reduce your little one’s frustration and your family’s stress is crucial. Whether you’ve been signing on your own or are brand new to signing with your little one, we’re here to help!

If you’re new to Hop to Signaroo ®, schedule at least the first hour of our full, four-hour curriculum.

  • Session One: The 26 most important Safety and Comfort Signs, as well as the foundational aspects of signing and the “how-to” techniques for signing success throughout the course of your daily routine
  • Session Two: Baby and Toddler-Relevant Mealtime Signs and Manners
  • Session Three: Animal Signs
  • Session Four: Signs for Daily Items, Family Members and a thorough review of everything learned in the previous sessions
Tuition and class materials
  • Tuition for the first session is $95 and includes our award-winning Safety and Comfort Roo-minder Ring Instruction and Reminder Cards™.  Learn more about our methods and materials here.
  • Additional sessions are $80 each and include time for review and questions. Tuition for each session allows for one or both parents of the same baby. Our copyrighted, instructional materials include professional photographs of the signs taught, memory aids for the signs and class outlines. These will be sent in advance via U.S. Post and we can work with families anywhere with our virtual classes! Postage rates are absorbed by clients booking single sessions. Book at least two sessions and Hop to Signaroo ® will cover the cost to ship your class materials. 
Scheduling options
  • Virtual morning, afternoon, evening and weekend timeslots are available for our award-winning classes. Contact us to book sessions that fit your family’s needs and schedule. 
  • Gift certificates are available – give the gift of early communication and reduced frustration!
Have you already attended a Hop to Signaroo ® workshop or series and want to learn more, or need a review and coaching session?

If you’ve taken our two-hour workshop with the basics of Safety, Comfort and Mealtime Signs, you can sign up for sessions #3 and #4 detailed above to receive the rest of Hop to Signaroo’s ® award-winning curriculum. 

Tuition for curriculum continuation for your individual family is just $80 per session. Tuition includes review of what you’ve learned previously, answering any questions you have now that you’ve been signing with your little one throughout your daily routine and instruction for the new signs of the sessions listed above. Each session includes our copyrighted, instructional materials with professional photographs of the signs taught, memory aids for the signs and class outlines for the new material.

Alternately, if you just need a check-in session for feedback on how things have been going, a review of what you’ve already learned, troubleshooting techniques and have some sign requests, that option is available for $75 for an hour-long, online session. This option doesn’t include any materials, as it focuses on review and coaching you to successfully implement the information you’ve already learned in your previous Hop to Signaroo ® series or workshop. 

“I’m so amazed by the power of baby sign language and am glad we got in touch with Nancy as soon as we did. I couldn't imagine waiting for our son’s first spoken words to understand his needs. Her class teaches the most important signs, is interactive and fun, and she is a wonderful consultant who will provide the best tips to help your baby advance even after the class. She was always so patient.”

Cassie Francois - Bothell, WA
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