Hop to Signaroo ® parents are thrilled that their little ones can not only sign basic needs to reduce their frustration but also provide a peek into their emerging personalities, many months before they can speak!


Hop to Signaroo ® graduate Kenny signed his first word, MORE, at seven months. Upon first glance it looks as if Kenny is simply clapping, but when you watch the entire video it’s evident he’s asking for MORE! Sometimes babies approximate their signs at first, based on their fine motor skills at the time, but the signs typically evolve to the correct version as their fine motor skills progress. Within a few months of this video, Kenny was signing the MORE sign perfectly, along with ALL DONE, EAT, MILK and WATER!

Watch Kenny starring in their first sign language mini movie


Hop to Signaroo graduate Garrett is eighteen months old in this video. He signs TOY, BUBBLES, PLEASE, MORE and EAT. The sign for PLEASE is the flat hand circling on the chest. Garrett sneaks in a quick version signed on his tummy, because as you can see he’s very distracted by the thought of bubbles! Momma says BUBBLES is Garrett’s favorite sign!

Watch Garrett starring in their first sign language mini movie


One year old Katie signed her first word, MORE, just three weeks after beginning Hop to Signaroo classes!

a baby


Fourteen month old Morgan uses many signs to communicate her needs and wants. She signs EAT when she’s hungry and FINISHED when she’s done and ready to get out of her highchair.

a toddler in high chair using sign language


Emma, a nine month old Hop to Signaroo graduate, signs her first word…MORE! Emma was seven months old when she and her parents attended our four-week class. Within two months she signed back. On average, most of our baby graduates sign their first word within two to three months of class, as long as their parents are signing with them consistently. After that, the signs often come very quickly and the babies flourish once empowered with the ability to communicate their needs and wants.

Watch Emma starring in their first sign language mini movie


Dylan, a fourteen month old Hop to Signaroo graduate, signs his first sentence…PLEASE EAT! Dylan was about eight months old when his parents enrolled in class, but they admit that they weren’t signing consistently until he was about ten or eleven months old. They had been modeling EAT since the beginning, but had only started using PLEASE about a month before they filmed this video!

Watch Dylan starring in their first sign language mini movie


Hop to Signaroo graduate Gabriel was between nine to sixteen months old when these video clips were recorded. His parents report that he regularly used about fifty signs which the family found extremely helpful as Gabriel was only expressing a few words verbally, such as “Momma” and “Poppa”. One of his daycare teachers even started learning new signs from Gabriel. She would ask him what the sign for something was. He would show her and when she executed the sign correctly, he would give her an amusing look of approval!

Watch Gabriel starring in their first sign language mini movie

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