"Class was a wonderful time to focus on communication and bonding as a new family."

Stacey and Mark Donahue – Seattle, WA

"The mnemonic aids to help remember signs were great – very helpful. I’m surprised and delighted how much we remember even several weeks after the class! The interactive games, etc. really helped everyone loosen up and have fun. We had a great time – thank you!"

Wendy Newsom – Seattle, WA

"Thank you so much. We had a fantastic time in your class and would recommend it to everyone. It completely exceeded our expectations – phenomenal! We appreciate your enthusiasm for signing – it’s contagious! We definitely believe that our family will find signing beneficial."

Chris and Jessi Arens – Seattle, WA

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More rave reviews for Hop to Signaroo

"We had such a great experience with you. Ravenna is talking up a storm now; she’s very communicative and I’m willing to bet it had something to do with teaching her how to communicate through signing so early."

Jessica Towns – Seattle, WA

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your wonderful class. I think our son was about 8 months when we took your class, and he had the basic signs at around 10 months. But at about a year, whew, the kid was taking off! We won’t do a sign for weeks or months and then he’ll just bust it out of nowhere. The frustration with communication problems is VERY minimal and he charms our socks off whenever he signs. I don’t think I can keep up with how quickly he picks up the signs now!"

Briana Benton – Seattle, WA

"Nancy does a fantastic job covering the most popular signs you need to communicate with your baby…a great class and instructor for all newbie parents."

Al and Michelle Franz – Sammamish, WA

"Both my husband and I are sad the class is ending. We have enjoyed coming each week and learning new signs. You made learning so enjoyable. Thank you!"

Katie Foote – Kent, WA

"A really great way to learn how to communicate with your baby, the class is packed full of information and fun for everyone. The Roo-minder Ring Cards are perfect, especially for sharing signs at home with my husband who couldn’t attend the class."

Jennifer Thomson – Redmond, WA

"Comfort and food signs were the most beneficial aspect of the series, and Ruby learned so quickly. I think it will really help us communicate."

Tina Kliman – Seattle, WA

"Nancy, you are a wonderful teacher with great charisma. You are encouraging and inspiring."

Jennifer McGlothern – Seattle, WA

"We love your passion for the subject!"

Abby and Roger Brockway – Seattle, WA
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